About Me

I'm a software engineer that specializes in journey planning algorithms, domain driven design and highly available services.

I do most of my work with node.js (TypeScript) and a bit of Java but I also work with React and Angular on the front end. I enjoy mentoring and often talk or blog about functional programming, infrastructure or Agile. Occasionally I speak at conferences - I have spoken at the inaugural London TypeScript meet up, HackTrain Conference and the London PHP Conference.

I'm an advocate of Agile development and usually set my teams up with Scrum or Kanban depending on the situation. My real passion is working with a great people deliver challenging products. I love reading, particularly about programming, learning, leadership and motivation.

Integrated multi-modal transport

Planar Network (Founder)

I founded Planar Network, to bring blockchain technology to public transport. As part of my work on Planar Network, I developed a best in class journey planner for UK rail and created a whole set of open source tools to process public transit data.

Assertis (CTO)

Prior to Planar Network, I was CTO at Assertis where I led a merry band of men (and women) in a quest to make rail travel and tickets a more bearable experience. My areas of expertise are software architecture, software development, microservices, continuous integration, Agile (mostly Scrum), TDD and leadership.

On Track Retail (CTO)

At OnTrack Retail I create a brand new team to deliver a greenfield project as part of a joint venture with Go-Ahead Group. I grew the team from 0 to 20 developers and successfully delivered the project on time and under budget.

Fast distributed financial settlement

Other roles

Prior that I held various positions as a developer or lead developer at the BBC, BraveNewTalent and other clients. My CV is available upon request.